Can't you sell Comic Reader Mobi for less?
I decided early on that I wanted to focus on making one really good product instead of a bunch of mediocre ones.
But that leaves you with only a few financial options:
  • Make a casual product with huge mass market appeal
  • Advertising
  • Make customers pay for "Upgrades"
  • Charge more upfront and than never again
Since I don't think its right to charge customers over and over for essencially the same thing, I decided to go with the final choice.
While it may make the decision for the initial purchase harder, the upshot is that once you've decided to buy Comic Reader Mobi, you'll never have to pay for an upgrade or for a new platform again :)

Are there any exceptions or catches to the "Universal" license?
Yes. Unfortunetely some devices are simply locked down to the point, where I literally cannot provide a version that you can use on it.
In those cases you will have wait for some kind of "jailbreak" or "unlock" option to become available.

Why aren't you in the Apple Store?
In 2010, I broke one of their rules so that my customers could continue to use USB to transfer there files to the device.

Will you ever get back into the Apple store?
Intially, I was told I could reapply after a year, but after waiting the year to get back in, I was informed I need not bother applying again
So... No.

Why aren't you in Google's Marketplace?
No, I did not get banned from another store :p
Google simply did not provide enough customers to warrent giving them a 30% cut of my earnings.

Do you hate all mobile stores or something?
No! Intel has been very kind to me, and I am in their store (Go Intel!)
I'm also in the application process to get in the Nook store, as we both share the same market base.